Tuesday, May 1, 2018

First appointment since going Keto

I went in for my first doctor's appointment, since the bariatric doctor put me on this Ketogenic Diet. Earlier in the morning, I received a text on my phone that my blood lab report was done and available for me to read.

To my amazement, as much as I have been suffering for starch, the numbers have dropped significantly! Things that were high, and needed to watch out for, are all down!

At the appointment, the scale at the office, I lost 4 pounds since my last visit. I'll take that! Will be getting a nutritionist to be working with. I was telling the doctor that I was going blind in all of this, since much of the information isn't consistent as far as what I can, and call not eat.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Kinobody: Has Anyone Done This?

Recently, this banner has been popping up on my screen. It's apparently a form of weight loss program designed to shed body fat and have that great body in a short period of time. Apparently, it's what Hollywood actors use to get that "chiseled" body right before they start to film a movie. Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? Too good to be true? Hard to tell.

This program revolves around some dude by the name of Greg O'Gallagher. He looks like some cocky bastard you'd like to slap, just because. To start, you take a simple survey to see which of his programs fits the goals you want to achieve. From there, you are match either with:

  • The Warrior Physique
  • The Greek God Physique
  • The Superhero Physique
  • The Goddess Toning Program
  • Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0
So being the inquisitive person I am, I was matched with the "Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0" Program, like that is a no brainer. So from here, I fork over $66 (not including some discounts that they promise for subscribing to e-mail newsletters) and I am suppose to get a lifetime subscription to a collection of 45 minute work outs to do at the gym (including how to effectively use the weights the gym),  a "Complete" aggressive fat loss manual, and "Complete" diet and nutrition guide. (I still don't understand why businesses use the word "complete". Is it a marketing ploy to get the consumer to think, "WOW! I'm getting the whole program versus half!"?

Anyhow, so of course it's all digital and so I won't be getting anything physical, and I am assuming I can start as soon as it gets delivered into my e-mail inbox, with tons of advertisements for their other products.

One of the highlights is this idea of "Intermittent Fasting." The theory is to not have breakfast. By fasting 4-7 hours after you wake up, growth hormone levels rise, this helps preserve muscle mass and shifts fuel metabolism to fat burning. Then have two super big meals with lots of proteins and few carbs. Each meal should start with 1-2 servings of fruits.

I am very skeptical about this. $66 is not a lot when you compare it to a lot of similar weight loss programs on the market. It does come with a 30 day many back guarantee if you don't like it. 

Has anyone done this? Does it work? Worth it?

If you want to check it out, here is the link: Kinobody

Monday, April 2, 2018

Good Lord It's April! Lets Catch Up!

Sorry, I haven't had the time to blog in what seems like forever! Thank you to Nikki over at Fat Girl Won't Run for checking up on me!

Ok, so lets catch up!
I continue my relentless journey to regain my health, and I can tell you, it's still up and down for me. I have gone back to that infamous 230 doldrum once again, however I can tell you that I have been needing to buy new clothes and or I have been able to wear clothes that I haven't been able to wear in years. That's good right??? One of the suggestions that I have been getting is since I am losing so much, I should shop at Ross instead of the normal places I usually shop. What do you guys do? It sounds fair to me!! The 230 mark has been an average. I have been obsessed with jumping on the scale every morning (maybe I shouldn't be doing that) and it has been 230 plus or minus a couple of pounds. To mark April 2018 in my Update Pictures section, you can see that I am 231.2. 

I went to see a bariatric doctor and she put me on a Ketogenic Diet. It's been a bit crazy, because it is a complete 360 from the vegan/vegetarian diet I have been on. Meat, meat, meat! I was sick the first couple of days. No carbs, no sugar is a little crazy for me. In my opinion, and I could be wrong, that is what is making my weight inconsistent these past couple of weeks, as my body is starting to get use to this new diet.

It comes at a point when we discovered the "Gardenin" line of meatless products. Now that I have to actually read labels, many of those products, I shouldn't be eating. It's been a little confusing since the doctor said I could continue with those things.

There has been a lot of pros and cons to this "Keto" Diet. I am just putting my faith into the doctor right now. I guess it's good for my brain too, I have to read labels, do math, and make the right decisions on what to eat.

Still getting my regular massages. My therapist has included stretching into the regimen. So I have been feeling really good after the sessions. This week, I will be treated to a hot stone massage. Very stoked for that!

I had a Thai Massage session. That was pretty bad. I think that business is a little sketchy now that I have had some time to decompress from the situation. No certificates hanging on the wall, no asking me where I am in pain. Just 90 minutes of sheer torment and torture. All the ethics of how a massage is suppose to be preformed went out of the window. That was bad, not going back ever!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Woke up this morning early since I had an early morning meeting to attend. As part of my morning ritual, I jumped on the scale, and there it was.......


Very stoked! Small dance of celebration around the scale, but deep in my head, I remembered the doctor's scale was eight pounds more than what my scale at home reads. So I think I am headed in the right direction, consistency is the key.  I figure once this scale reads "222 lbs." I think I can officially say I am at 230 lbs. This is awesome! Very stoked at all of my accomplishments thus far! The journey has only begun, and hopefully keeps going down.

Energy levels are getting much higher. Instead of "Oh my God, I only went around the neighborhood once?" Its more like "Hey, why not one or tow more times around the neighborhood!" Swimming more, still apprehensive about the gym, even though I have help.

Feeling great!

Look out doldrum 200 lbs.! I am coming to get you with a vengeance!!!

Monday, February 26, 2018

STILL Stuck!

It's been 11 days since I last posted about how I was in the doldrums. Well guess what?

I still am! Its a weird feeling to all of a sudden hit this plateau. This time around, I have to admit, my weight isn't fluctuating as it marches to 230 like in previous attempts. It's more of a freaken tease!

I am at 230, however its what comes after that. 230.8, 230.5, 230.7. Grrrrrrr! This morning the scale read 230.0, so I have high hopes for tomorrow.

Recently, I got a call from my massage therapist and he said that he was going to incorporate some stretching in to my sessions with him. After his brief pitch about how good was and how it would a great supplement to my massage, I agreed. Then I joked around with him and said, "You sure you want to be stuck with me for 2 hours?" He laughed and said "No worries!"

This should be interesting.............

Thursday, February 15, 2018

In the Doldrums Once Again

I jumped on the scale once again and I have hit 230. Before I left on my little "vaca" I was at 230, and once again this morning I am at 230. I've been like this before where I just cannot cross over that threshold of 230.

There have been several instances in the past couple years when I have been stuck here at this point. Another threshold that is an affliction was at that 200 lbs. mark, but that was like a good 10-11 years ago.

Most of the time, out of frustration, this is the point where I always quit. I don't know what it is about my mind that just cannot get over the fact that I just need that little more edge to push me over. This time, I think I have the drive to do it...........


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Yoga Studio That I Didn't Know Existed: Please Keep Your Sweat To Yourself!

Yesterday, I came home to discover a box delivered to my front door. It seemed odd, since I didn't order anything or no one told me they were sending me something. I looked at it and immediately saw that obviously the mail man delivered this box to the wrong address.

So like the nice person I am, I jumped into my car and went to go deliver it. After all, it was just down the road. I would have walked over, but it was storming!

So I arrived and quickly noticed that there was a yoga studio that I swear was not here before. Here in my area, there have been a lot of business closing and new ones popping up. So I was surprised that this place was here. I don't even remember was was at this location previously!

Well, I enter and quickly notice the gross smell of sweaty gym socks. It was hella gross! Like I wanted to throw up! I walked on over and with an innocent, as if I didn't notice the smell attitude, and handed the lady at the counter the package and told her that this was delivered to me by accident.

Then as if things weren't any worse, the studio doors opened and the wafting smell of sweat and heat came spewing out as the class ended and the people exited.

"That's our Birkham Yoga Class!" The lady said enthusiastically. As if I cared, I replied, "Oh, ok, that's nice! A lot of people!"

Ok, so I am sure there are a lot of benefits to this, and I am not knocking it down or anything, but from an outsider's point of view, let us take into consideration the words the lady at the front desk stated, as she tried to get me to attend a class:

  1. The room temperature is anywhere between 95-110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. The humidity in the room is anywhere between 40-60 percent.
  3. In a 90 minute class, you do 26 postures.
  4. People have been noted to pass out from overheating and dehydration.
  5. Don wear clothes you would normally go to a regular yoga class to. Less is best, for wider mobility. If you wear clothing like this, it can impede the flow of blood and increase your chances of becoming lightheaded. (aka, go shirtless, spandex, spandex, spandex!)
Umm, why do people do this? Yes, I want to lose weight, not not while on the verge of death and smelling like death!

I told the lady thank you and made my way to my car. I could still smell the sweat on me! It invaded my car! I didn't even participate and I had to go home and shower!!!!!